He is wizened and gray, but don't let that fool you. His humble clothing hides a powerful, sinuous physique, honed by many years of hard labor and asceticism. Age has granted the Templar an older man's wisdom and tact, qualities he combines with surprisingly well-preserved physical strength. The mighty Templar bests his foes with weapons of steel, and a shield of righteousness. His great bravery and purpose drive him headlong into the fray, disdaining risk with dogged zeal. Some might look upon the Templar's bravado as foolhardiness, but they simply do not know what it means to be a man of faith. On Wraeclast, where faith and hope are dim, he is a shining, towering beacon.

Templar is a a majestic scholar, as one of seven basic classes in Path of Exile.

He begins with the attribute of 23 intelligence, 23 strength and 14 dexterity.

Templar locates on the upper left in passive skill tree and his initial attribute type are intelligence, strength, elemental damage, spell damage, melee damage, mana regeneration, life regeneration, energy shield and armour.

So it is clear that the main damage type of Templar is elemental melee and elemental spells, and his defense type is energy shield & armor and life regeneration. Through the surrounding skills point, we can roughly locate this occupation for elemental spells build, elemental melee build, and also can take defense build with powerful energy shield and armor or high mana.

It is worth introducing in detail that this class is very friendly to new players, because its basic life is higher, and totem spells do not depend on equipment much in farming. You can experience relatively stable stages of the game progress.

With the initial skill point including skill  nearby, Templar can easy establish remarkable builds --- Totem builds in Path of Exile.

Templar makes it easy to build remarkable Totem Builds in PoE with the initial skill and the easy-to-obtain skills point available nearby. Not only the basic totem, Ancestral Warchief, Flame Totem or Searing Bond, etc, but also the ARC totem and Glacial Cascade totem starting from version 3.4, they are good builds and can give players a very good gaming experience in leveling stage and also in the later farming stage. 

There will be no obvious difficult in the process, and the requirements for endgame gear are not so harsh. So we more recommend novice player choice it. We have many such builds on our website for you, and you can find them easily.

Likewise, the new skills, brand series in the 3.5 version of PoE will take great advantage on Templar. You can find this skill point in the early stage of Templar.

Storm Brand, which can be obtained in the early game stage, will provide a very good game experience for players in farming. The skill have wide range of attacks and the damage is high. The gorgeous spell release effect also attract many players.

In endgame stage, you can build a variety of powerful builds by chosen different ascendancy, and change ascendancy will not be complicated. Similarly, in the content of the build system article on our website, we will show you some ideas for your reference.

Whether it is in the previous leveling stage or the farming stage, Templar will not have obvious shortcomings. In the later stage, the promotion of the three ascendancy will bring more gameplays and experience to this class. OURPOE will also elaborate on the characteristics of its different ascendancy in our Ascendancy news. 


Some popular builds talked by 10 thousands energy shield, various elemental damage build and supported build are explored by us. We hope you can join us.

As the balancer of the Valkras continent - Templar, to use the scepter in your hand to punish the darkness, to defend the hope with a broad and kind heart. Piety and dedication are always your shield! Remember, be unswerving!