A flicker of movement, a knife from the dark. By the time you've seen him, it's already too late. The Shadow kills silently without any hesitation and mercy. He is versed in many weapons, but prefers ambush and subterfuge. Hundreds have met their deaths shrieking in his traps. The Shadow has come from the Guild of the Night in Oriath for one purpose: to inflict pain and suffering on anyone who's wronged him. Exile is merely an inconvenience.

Shadow is a very cool character in Path of Exile classes. Its model and the story about shadow in the game, all make it a mysterious class. And mystery is always attractive, isn't it?

Even if it is a mystery, OURPOE will unveil its veil. We will show you all about Shadow in the game and take you to experience the charm of Shadow together.

The Shadow is Path of Exile's dexterity/intelligence hybrid class. His initial attributes consist of 23 intelligence, 23 dexterity and 14 strength. His initial talent mainly contains various elemental damage, trap and mine damage, chaos and poison. The overall skill point is located at the top left of the passive skill tree.

Through the arounding skill point, you can roughly locate this class for elemental spell build, elemental melee build, and poison build. The trap and mine build are particular builds of it.

It is obviously more complicated than the basic build of physical and spell damage that using the game's design ideas, the integration of mechanisms, and the addition damage of critical strike

Shadow is just in line with this game definition. Constantly discovering the game mechanics, looking for a variety of mechanisms to integrate them, and exploring a richer build type is just the fun of the game.

According to the overall poe skills of the Shadow, in the build stage, we can find a large number skill points of critical strike chance and critical strike damage in the shadow skill tree. From this, Shadow has an extremely powerful damage advantage in Path of Exile. Whether it is to choose poison damage build, element damage build, or trap and mine build, its convenient and simple critical strike mechanism will make great damage improvement.

Similarly, with the help of dexterity and the various dodge effects of ascendancy It will be greatly improved in terms of survival. Several accessible keystone points in the passive skill tree will provide a good addition to dodge so that the Shadow build have a large margin of error from a certain degree. Of course, just increasing the armour and life, energy shield is also a very good means of survival. How to choose? You can try through the game to find the most suitable positioning for your needs.

In the 3.2 version of PoE, the GGG had made a very big change to the Shadow and its three ascendancy. Several new ascendancy skill have replaced the previous ascendancy. We will elaborate the three ascendancy of Shadow to you. And you can find them easily on our website.

Trickster In 3.2 version, the ascendancy of Shadow is also the first choice for all poison build. Two new associated ascendancy, has strong bonus on poison damage-based build. 

Well, the traditional Flicker Strike Build, which is built with Trickster, has a larger choice and survivability under the combination of the previous skill point!

The reinforcement of the Saboteurs is mainly to add two skill point for survival, which makes the past strong and powerful, but operating-depending mine and trap build are more fault-tolerant. And a large number of ascendancy skills are merged together, which shows although there is no significantly enhanced, but the strong mine and trap builds for farming is smoother and the overall build intensity is also enhanced. Players who are interested in experiencing mines and traps at the beginning of the league can have a try. We will also provide Corresponding complete bd for your reference.

Shadow is so complicated to display, but we prefer you can exploit its wonder in game by yourself. To guide you find the fun of game, is what OURPOE want to do. So you can go through the class. We are glad to know your idea about it. 

Poison and trap, are far less harmful than the dark heart hidden under the cloak. Shadow, as your name called, hiding in the dark, find the right opportunity and pierce with your dagger. The fatal blow will make the enemy chilling for you at any time.