Padding silently through the dark forest, the lithe and stealthy ranger is at home. Long eschewing the company of men, she has turned her affections to the deep and wild wilderness, and she travels alone. Her time out away from the comfortable trappings of civilization has hardened her body and her spirit. It has also granted her the time and necessity to master a wide range of weapons. Despite her prowess on the battlefield, the Ranger is most comfortable hidden from view, felling her opponents from a distance with her mighty long bow. When cornered though, she fights as fiercely as a tigress with sword, dagger, mace, or whatever is at hand.

As early as the initial stage of Path of Exile, the GGG defined the Ranger as one of the three basic PoE classes (including pure strength class, Marauder and pure intelligence class, witch), and Ranger is pure dexterity class.

Ranger's model is a female archer in game.

Ranger is given 14 strength, 32 dexterity, 14 intelligence as the initial three attributes, which defines that Ranger is a damage class who need to rely on high-speed weapons to quickly attack the enemy, keep the distance and rely on dodge to ensure the survival. From this, Ranger is somewhat similar to the dexterous role in traditional games.

It is true that it is in the earliest version. Ranger often can explore the entire Valklas continent a high-damage and ranged weapon until the final content of the challenge. But with the GGG richness of various game elements, new equipment and new skill bring Ranger more and more builds to choose, and the game is becoming more interesting. Then we will simply explain Ranger from the poe class design ideas.

In the left bottom of passive skill tree, here are two basic paths to ranger. A line is dominated by projectile damage and attack speed; aother line is based on dodge and life. These basically show that the Ranger's route is the same as the officially given feature: relying on ranged weapon, such as bows, or projectile skill gems to attack the enemy. It is a way to quickly and flexibly attack the enemy with high-speed one-handed weapons.

Some easy-acessible core skill point like

Keystone Passive Skills


30% Chance to Dodge Attack Hits. 50% less Armour, 30% less Energy Shield, 30% less Chance to Block Spell and Attack Damage

Phase Acrobatics

30% Chance to Dodge Spell Hits

Because the Ranger is closer to those skill point, she can dodge the attack and spells more easily than other classes, which guarantee that the construction of the survival and defense mechanism of Ranger is carried out around the mechanism of dodge.

Of course, according to the powerful PoE ascendancy, the Ranger has a diversified builds throughout the game.  Pathfinder's ascendancy skill show a great improvement in the performance of flasks and various mechanisms of the unique flasks. As a result, flask Pathfinder was created as a exclusive professional term in the game, which makes the Ranger to be a very popular class in different builds. Both offensive and defensive capabilities, powerful endurance and multiple damage  almost defines Ranger the position of the team's core damage class. We will introduce you it in our Ascendancy page.

In my opinion, Ranger may be the most eye-catching class in the current version. Whether Pathfinder, Raider or Deadeye, they all have good damage. But if you want have explosive damage in every advanced stage of Ranger, you need to carefully upgrade the character with strong equipment support, and good operation.

In general, Ranger is a relatively powerful class in Path Of Exile. When you have a certain understanding of various mechanisms of the game, you can try it. Though new players who first contact such games and use Ranger to deal with various complicated mechanics, may feel frustrated to a certain extent, but OURPOE will provide some detailed guides to help you overcome that.

In the muddy Valklas wilderness, the arrow in your hand will shot the direction of your progress in the thorns. The flasks in your hand will make your running tirelessly. Attack the farther unknown place until you reach your original pursuit!