PoE Filter

PoE liter allows players to create their own unique sound effects and item drop effects for Path of Exile. Although this idea is cool, many players don't know much about the method of modification. OURPOE tries to help players achieve these effects with simple and efficient guidance.

In addition to introducing POE Filter, Ourpoe also prepares a large selection of loot filter for players to use. Welcome to download for free.

How to use custom loot filter

When the player downloads the loot filter files created by others, they will find that the naming of these files is regular. In Delve League, POE enables a new style, that only uses templated sounds and comes with a set of default-mp3 files.

To integrate your custom sounds into the filter, you'll have to replace the files in that folder. You should copy all sounds files into the %userprofile%/Documents/My Games/Path of Exile folder.

In addition, you need a filter file like XXX.filter to support these custom sound effects. Some authors will use filter to maximize the richness of the sound. If you download the zip file including filter file, be sure to use this file to replace the original file. If not, you can choose to download the default filter file we have prepared for you. This filter file matches the audio with the following name by default.

  • 1maybevaluable.mp3

  • 2currency.mp3

  • 3uniques.mp3

  • 4maps.mp3

  • 5highmaps.mp3

  • 6veryvaluable.mp3

  • 7chancing.mp3

  • 12leveling.mp3

  • placeholder.mp3

Mark Your Own Filter

Filter DemoNormalStyle - Strictness version comparisonyoutube
Filter DemoPurpleStyle - Regular Strictness / Comparisonyoutube
Filter DemoPurpleStyle - Uber-Strictyoutube
FilterBladeDownload, Install, Edit and Preserve Changesyoutube
FilterBladeMap Section adjustmentsyoutube
FilterBladeShaping the Perfect Leveling Filter for new Leaguesyoutube
FilterBladeCreating a chaos recipes filteryoutube
FilterBladeFilterBlade Pro-Tips              youtube

You can find the practical meaning of some of the options that appear in the video here.

NameShort Description About Strictness of Filter Tool
SoftShows too much. Includes low crafting bases, magic jewellery in the endgame. Not recommended for regular gameplay.
RegularShows a lot. Recommended for beginners, new leagues and slow-clearing gameplay. Shows all rares. Good for chaos recipes.
Semi-StrictHealthy balance. Great for new leagues and beginners and medium-speed endgame gameplay. Hides the worst rares. Good for chaos recipes.
StrictHides bad-base rares and scrolls. Universal and recommended endgame strictness. Hides random gems (hold alt in the first zone if you level with it). Bad for chaos recipes.
Very StrictHides most rares, scrolls, augments, armourers. Good for the endgame and for speed-farming.
Uber StrictHides all low currencies and rares. Great for quantity-farmers.
Uber+StrictShows too little. Sterile screen. Hides all kind of stuff, including mediocre divination cards, all kind of crafting material etc. Recommended for speed-clearing quantity-parties or as a base for further editing. Not recommended for regular gameplay.
StyleShort Description About Style of Filter Tool
DefaultThe normal style. It uses a wide variety of colors and shadings to inform users about the drop type, value and properties.
SlickA less colorful version of the normal style.
Gaia(full restyle) Gaia is a nature-inspired style. It uses less colors, but is still very cheerful. 
Vaal(full restyle) A brick, corruption, blood and gore styled filter.
Velvet(full restyle) Soft green, blue, grey and pink hues, this filter is inspired by oceanic and royal colorsets.
BlueMinor changes. Changes the color of rares to blue.
PurpleMinor changes. Changes the color of rares to purple.
AzuriteA new (experimental style) - it's like a DOUBLE purple/cyan style!
CustomSoundsSpecial style. The visuals are based of default, but the sounds are different and are provided in mp3 files. You have to copy the mp3 files too for the filter to work. You can also replace the sounds with your own mp3's to create your own soundset.