Throw off the chains of fear and embrace that which was forbidden.

Occultists are suited for Witches with a focus on damage over time (DoT) with cold damage or chaos damage and curses. Malediction greatly enhances curse specialists, while Withering Presence and Frigid wake amplifies the power of their cold and chaos damage over time. Occultists are well-served by builds that rely on & maximize energy shield. Occultists also may serve as a generic way to generate Power Charges in builds which lack other means of doing so.

Occultist offers bonus to curse effect. He can create a powerful Curse Build with relative several pieces of unique equipment and appropriate talent. So, he can fight against enemy who are immune to curse with curse.

During the new season, Occultist plays an important role in PoE as the result of the enhance of spellcaster and the unveiling of new chaos skills. For example, Occultist Builds which is mainly make up of Soulrend ( Chaos) and Band ( Chaos+Curse). And the Build can be a good choice for Occultists because its enhance of shield, which will offer Occultist high effective defence.

Passive Skills

  • Energy Shield, Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier
  • Energy Shield, Cold and Chaos Damage
  • Energy Shield, Cold Damage over Time Multiplier
  • Energy Shield, Curse Effect
  • Energy Shield, Energy Shield Recharge Rate
  • Energy Shield, Power Charge Duration
  • Forbidden Power
  • Profane Bloom
  • Malediction
  • Void Beacon
  • Withering Presence
  • Frigid Wake
  • Wicked Ward
  • Vile Bastion

Occultist 3.19 Builds

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