His visage marked equally by tribal tattoos and the scars of battle, the imposing Marauder is a survivor of many bloody battles. The clanging, scraping and screaming of war is music to his ears, and he delights in crushing the skulls of his foes underfoot. He is a monster of a man, towering above his cohorts and quick to show his strength and ferocity. A master armsman, the Marauder is versed in many weapons, but he generally prefers the heft of a heavy two-handed axe or mace. He plunges into battle with a cry of delight, and woe be to anyone foolish enough to get in his way.

In Path of Exile, there are six class and a hidden class.

Each class of the six class have three ascendancy, and all the skill tree and equipment are common. Therefore, Marauder can be spells ranged, Rangers can be physical melee and Witch can choose bow and daggers. These are the charms of PoE. The original purpose of the game designer is clear,that to be diverse and creative, to subvert the traditional definition of the class, to give the player more design space and to try different game ideas.

This time we focus on Marauder. Marauder is a strong man full of tattoos. He is big, violent, and unrestrained, and dangerous. It is a very attractive character in appearance!

The initial attribute points of Marauder are 32 strength, the highest strength in all classes, and 14 intelligence and 14 dexterity. His main skill point are located at the bottom left of the overall passive skill tree. The starting skill points are mainly for the physical damage and the bonuses of the life or armour. The surrounding skill point also mainly provide physical damage and life armour bonuses. So builds for Marauder can easily pile up high life and armour to defend against all kinds of damage in game.

Marauder's build with physical damage, relies on a powerful physics weapon, and the right gems. It will make you unstoppable in the game. Totem builds associated with some simple moving skills and combined with a high life survival mechanism, perhaps let you play like a duck to water in the endgame. Of course, as mentioned above, because of the flexibility of Path of Exile Marauder can carve out special skill tree trail through reasonable collocations You can carry out ranged spells and elemental damage, and run while attack. OURPOE will provide some reference of builds. You can also make various attempts in the game to find the suitable one. After all, PoE is a completely free game, with various gameplays. It is matching a hot build in the unpopular class that is the true meaning of this game.

From the PoE official background story of the characters, we can find that Marauder is a character who look down upon death, and it is true in his ascendancy.

If you specialize in Berserker, you may fall in a cycle of death in certain stage of the game. High dps is inverse to the feeble defense, which ia the reason of the cycle of death. To balance it may be your priority.

If you specialize in Juggernaut, with the help of endurance charge and its powerful defense, it may be difficult to die in the game theatrically.

If you specialize in Chieftain, keep in mind that how my life become dose no matter, as long as my totems remain.

The description of ascendancy above may be not serious. But in our website we introduce the ascendancy of Marauder with many space and you can find them conveniently in the ascendancy page. They can help you understand how powerful the Marauder is in the game.

Marauder, long-term slavery has not made you fragile, and the strong body is your weapon. On the mainland of Valkras, your name perhaps is the definition of courage. To crush with a wooden stick! To stand on the faith by flesh and blood! !