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Blessing of Chayula

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About Blessing of Chayula

Blessing of ChayulaStack Size: 10Upgrades a breach unique item to a more powerful versionRight click this item then left click an applicable breach unique item to upgrade it.
Shift click to unstack.

Effect: a currency item that can be used to upgrade certain Breach unique items. For more information, see Blessing.


Only drop from the Breachlord Chayula within his own domain, accessed by using Chayula's Breachstone in the map device.

Item acquisition

Usage in upgrade paths

OutcomeAmountIngredientGeneral Notes
The Blue Nightmare1Blessing of ChayulaN/A
1The Blue Dream
Skin of the Lords1Blessing of ChayulaN/A
1Skin of the Loyal
The Red Nightmare1Blessing of ChayulaN/A
1The Red Dream
United in Dream1Blessing of ChayulaN/A
1Severed in Sleep
Presence of Chayula1Blessing of ChayulaUpgrading an alternate artwork Eye of Chayula will not result in an alternate artwork Presence of Chayula (which does not exist).
1Eye of Chayula
The Green Nightmare1Blessing of ChayulaN/A
1The Green Dream

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