The savage path is always swift and sure.

The savage path is always swift and sure

The Berserker is geared towards being in the heat of combat, with many of their skills requiring killing or being hit recently. These bonuses include damage, life leech, and warcry enhancements. They also have access to Rage. The more Rage built up, the more damage and speed bonuses they gain, but also the more damage over time they take. This class aims for attack-oriented character builds.

The buff 'rage' of Berserker is so powerful that it can comprehensively enhance damage of his attacks. Berserker has no much improvement in update but the order of passive skills that rite of ruin is moved after the slaughter.

So, your early stage of farming becomes more smooth since there is no notable passive skill before aspect of carnage.

Passive Skills

  • Physical Attack Damage, Attack Speed
  • Physical Attack Damage, Life Leeched per Second
  • Physical Attack Damage, Warcry Duration
  • Pain Reaver
  • Cloaked in Savagery
  • War Bringer
  • Crave the Slaughter
  • Rite of Ruin
  • Aspect of Carnage